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Unique, intimidating and mysterious, the kind that provokes curiosity to speak to her, touch and taste her. She made her life what she wanted it to be; she had two spirits, strong and dominant to demand things from life and soft to enjoy it.

In her life, day and night don’t have distance within time, to live and to live well is the only thing she held on to. She is Lagrima de Mezcal.

Lagrima de Mezcal is a product made with 100% agave under a strict handcrafted process and using double Distillation, which offers a unique flavor.

Lagrima de Mezcal is a product which carries in its spirit Mexican traditions created in Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca,  “World Capital of Mezcal”, highlighting its denomination of origin and tantalizing even the most demanding of palettes.

Our Mezcal is born from a teardrop that falls from the sky to give life to agave, which through a perfect harvest and a millennial process, allows us to offer a high-quality beverage with authentic and artisanal flavor.


Lagrima de Mezcal was born in 2014, when demand arose for a Mezcal to be recognized, produced and bottled in the state of Oaxaca, but with a more youth focused image appealing to a younger demographic who likes to go out and enjoy this ancestral elixir.

Lagrima is a company committed to quality for our clients, is not simply a beverage; it’s a passion for the art of making Mezcal.


Lagrima IX de Mezcal is Imported Exclusively to the USA by:

Wild Imported Spirits LLC
Tel. +210 819 7310